Friday, July 30, 2010


finally done with summer school. never again taking classes so far from sj. the commute was just not worth it, took too much of my time. next time, i'll probably just take classes at sjsu and hope i get some financial aid to pay for like expensive ass tuition there.

karen's been visiting for about 2 weeks now and now she has to go =/ so i'm not going to see her til the semester starts on August 25th. can't believe the summer is already approaching its end. seems like it blew by so quick this time around. i was hoping to not take classes this summer and maybe just work/save up some money and chill with good company, but me slacking during the spring semester caused me to retake a class. i guess that's another lesson learned.

as to what i am going to do til the beginning of the end? i'll be heading out Connecticut to visit some familia. won't be back til august 17th, but it should be a good time. much needed R&R for sure.

i'll be out on the east coast for my 21st bday so i won't be able to celebrate with friends in sj/sf, but hopefully i can put something together when i get back. not as excited as everyone else to turn 21, not that big of a deal. probably cuz i've been using my brothers id for awhile now to purchase my poison.

hmmmm what else...i should probably try to post as much as i can now since it seems like my posts lately have been bi-monthly haha.

pretty much situated at my new place on 10th street. lookin forward to getting back to work at Tully's in the DC on campus. i miss having my own money. and on that note, no money means i haven't been able to support my habit, so i haven't been RLXed as much as i would like, but it's ok. cancer sticks have also been removed from my life as of late. don't even know when the last time i had a drag was. a guy at the bus stop told me that if you keep telling everyone you're quitting it makes it seem like you're not doing it for yourself, so i've been keeping it to myself and it seems to be working.

need to hit the gym asap, haven't lifted any weights in wayyyyyy too long. i miss being able to look in the mirror and be proud of the work i put into myself at the gym.

i'll end it with a MV, this song has been on repeat for awhile now.

super duper, super duper HIGHHHHHHHHHHHH

Sunday, May 30, 2010


sorry for the lack of updates lately. too many things going on lately.

finished the spring semester last week and moved out of CVB and now slowly getting situated into my new pad, which just happens to be Eliseo's place.

besides that grades for the semester wasn't lookin too good, but i'm still working on talking to my teachers about getting some extra points to pass :(

the new place is chill, gotta look for a job for the summer since the DC on campus is closed for the summer. trying to take summer classes here as well, so i'm trying to get everything done before i can start relaxing.

excited about going down to Socal again. i'll be driving back with donghoh and chill with him for a few days before going to visit the gf. so many things to do, including DISNEYLAND bitchesssssss, be jealous.

not tryin to rant, so i'll end it with this hicocklarious video...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Vietnamese Plug?

btw: theyre from the '454' which i googled and theyre from Newark, Delaware lol


M.I.A.'s new MV for their song Born Free

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

lookin steezy

We own the streets from panku pank on Vimeo.

first week back from spring break and already i have a calc midterm, a physics lab exam, and swamped with online homework problems due as well. work has been strange too. first day back it seems like i lost my steez and forgot how to do things. but by the end of the day everything was coming back.

study (kinda) hard on the weekdays and party/drink/smoke/otherdrugs on the weekends. life doesn't seem that badddddd hahah

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

gold Velocities on the Track Pro fixie


so i think i've come to realize that i suck at trying to save up my earnings from work. been spending the majority of my earnings on trees and eating out. and recently i just invested in an iTouch so now i'm foreal broke now. got about 3 bucks in my account right now with the majority of my next paycheck going to jenn for swooping on the cheaps touches.

i'm back in the city for my spring break however, all my friends that go to UC's had their spring break the previous week so there's only a few people left in sf this week. this random weather we've been having has also been contributing to everyones' laziness. no one wants to do anything because its raining and no one wants to go out cuz there's nothing to do w/o spending money. sigh.

being at home is cool cuz it feels good to be back after neglecting it for so long, but after awhile there's nothing to do at home! i've been at home for the last 3 days. no bike and no car means i can't even go anywhere. i miss sj, especially when i hear that they've been having more sunshine. sigh.

here's what i've been doing lately...

on a good note, i have quit smoking stoges for a good 2.5 weeks now and i can honestly say it feels good. for one, i'm not wasting my money by giving it to the power hungry tobacco companies. plus i feel much more healthy and now i can breatheee straighttt.

i miss my gf too...come back to sj with meeeeeee